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These pages feature articles and stories (some with photos) from current and past issues of the Eagle. Check often as we will continue to add interesting reading and photos to this page. There are also more articles, stories and photos in the Members Only area and on the club message board at and on the club blog at .

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'Birds in Flight Columns by Mark Neumann9/20

 (newest articles first)

'81 Bandit Trans Am of Santiago Class
'99 Trans Am of Ben Schwandt

1988 Trans Am Of Josh Weaver
2000 Firebird Formula WS-6 of Andy Cain
79 Trans Am Bandit of Ken and Darlene Szymczak

1983, 2002 and 2002 CETA Trans Ams of Ben Schwandt
1988 Trans Am GTA of Dave and Jodi Przybysz of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
1974 Trans Am of Perry Pegoraro from West Bend, Wisconsin
 1968 Firebird 400 of Wes Hardy from Nahant, Massachusetts
1992 Firebird of Dave Kim from Matthews, North Carolina

'77 Formula of Jim Elick from Sharpsburg, Georgia
2000 Trans Am of WS6 of Robert W Nelson from Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
'67 Firebird of Bob Schneider

'76 Trans Am of Stephen Martin from Brier, Washington
'86 Trans Am of Mark Goldman from Endicott, New York
'98 Formula of Guy Ferstl from Goodyear, Arizona
80 Turbo Trans Am Indy 500 pace car of Al and Patricia Dompieri of Forked River, New Jersey
'68 Firebird of Thomas Maffei from Redwood City, California
'68 Firebird 400 convertible of Jim McCarty from Palm Springs, California
'87 Trans Am of Walter Stasiewski from Denver, North Carolina

'80 Trans Am of Craig Pelletier from North Smithfield, Rhode Island
'93 Trans Am of Goran Blagojevic from Loves Park, Illinois
'73 Formula of Keith Lally form Kingston, Ohio

'77 Formula of Jim Elick from Sharpsburg, Georgia
'91 Formula of Cathy Dennison from Naples, Idaho
'91 Trans Am of Daniel Hartford from Albertville, Alabama
70 Trans Am of Bob Himes from Spring City, Pennsylvania
99 Trans Am 30th Anniversary Edition of Tom Joseph from Clarkston, Michigan
78 Trans Am of Stephen Granato from Firebird of Ken Miller from Enfield, Connecticut
69 Firebird of Ken Miller from Enfield, Connecticut
79 Trans Am S.E. of Ken & Darlene Szymczak from Dunkirk, New York
69 Firebird of George N. Farley from Ferndale, Michigan
95 Trans Am of Barbara Lewinski from Tellico Plains, Tennessee

'76 Formula of Judge Gene Fierro from Palmetto Bay, Florida
Trans Ams of William Paul Skelton from Temple Terrace, Florida
3rd Generation Collection of Ken & Josh Travis from Candler, North Carolina
What To Do With a 40 year Old Trans Am

'67 Firebird of Dan & Debbie Tietze from Firestone, Colorado
'79 Trans Am of Michael Bartholomew from Dunedin, Florida
2002 Trans Am WS6 of George Bravo from Marina, California

89 Turbo Trans Am of Robert Rogacki from Westchester, Illinois
80 Trans Am of Kevin Janusek from Green Bay, Wisconsin
68 Firebird of Jim Burrowes from Yellow Springs, Ohio
84 Trans Am "Phoenix" of Sussie Due from Bend, Oregon
'95 Trans Am of Dave Publicover from Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada
'68 Firebird of Ehron S. Stout from Easton, Illinois

95 Formula of Rick Miller from Schnecksville, Pennsylvania
'81 Trans Am of Justin Carr from Bloomington, Illinois
'91 Trans Am of Arthur J Huneke Jr
2001 Firehawk of Tim Hackenberg
'80 Formula of Thomas Germaine

2000 Trans Am of Carole A. Harris
'69 Firebird 400 of Gary Thomas
'99 Trans Am of Kyle Kelty
'89 Trans Am of Dave Willard
'94 Trans Am of Tyler Donatworth and Candace Kelly

'91 Formula of Josh Donald
'98 Trans Am of Tom Buhner
'79 Trans Am of Mike Bartholomew
2002 Collector Edition of Arne Bobroff
'67 Firebird of Claude Hrycaiko

'71 Trans Am of Mike Mangone
2002 Collector Edition of Bill Short
'77 Trans Am of Chuck Landry
'85 Trans Am of Doug Curfman
'77 Trans Am Bandit Edition of Michael Cornell
'2001 Trans Am of Debbi Weiler
'85 Firebird S.E. of Glenn Martin
'77 Rockford Files Firebird of Jim Suva
'71 Trans Am of Gary Trombino
'94 Trans Am of John Klaver
'79 Trans Am of Doug Lester

'86 Trans Am of Mark Goldman
'67 Firebird of Jim Muldoon
Bob Gaydo's Pontiac Family

1977 S.E. Trans Am of Dr. Anthony LaRusso
1975 Trans Am of Morris Porter
'2001 Trans Am of Tennille Mather with special paint treament
'76 Gold Special Edition Trans Am of Philip Lepage
'79 Trans Am and '98 Firebird of Kelly Powell
'76 Trans Am of Brian Deines
'71 Tirebird Trans Am of John Motroni

1970 1/2 Trans Am of Jay Lord
'98 WS-6 of Lee Adanti
'74 Trans Am of Denise Belair
'95 Trans Am convertible of Shelby Lauener
'74 Firebird Esprit of Jim Suva
'67 Firebird of Beverly Reedy
'98 Trans Am of Joey Perkins
Father and Son Trans Ams
2000 Trans Am of Dave and Seth Bayes
1986 Trans Am of Mark Goldman
1969 Retro TA
by Jeff Albertson.
2000 Trans Am WS6
by Joe Ochal Sr.
1979 Firebird Formula
by Ken and Sue Dahman
'88 Formula
by Deb Knipe
A Member's Ride by Mac McLean
Full Circle by John Arends
D-Train by Mike Voiland
Twin '79 Trans Ams by Fred Wilcoxson
Joy to Drive by Joe Anstett
'89 Formula by Todd Earley
'76 Trans Am by Arnie Mazzone
The Making of The Bird
by Jeff Denison
My Dream Car by Lynnette Samanski
My Love Affair With Pontiac by Robert Zech
My Firebird Formula LT-1 by Tom Thomson
The Car - My '69 Trans Am by Eric Vicker
Knight Rider by Paul Todd
MY 1996 T-TOP Trans Am by Eugene Liss
MY 1989 FORMULA 350 by Shane Van Fossan
I GOT THE BUG by Ben Deutschman
NOT MANY LIKE IT by John Bonser
TURBO TRANS AM by Mike Zumatto
TRANS AM WS6 by Andy J. Greco
'71 FORMULA by Joseph Ridgeway





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