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for photos of club members' Firebirds and Trans Ams
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'78 Trans Am of Mike Clemente1989 viewsDec 21, 2006
'87 Firebird of Phil & Nancy DeTraglia1087 viewsDec 21, 2006
'99 Formula of Robert Price1099 viewsDec 21, 2006
80 Formula of Joe Reda1550 viewsDec 21, 2006
'98 Trans Am Ram Air of Todd C. Anderson1657 viewsDec 21, 2006
68 Firebird of Roger J Montambo1309 viewsDec 21, 2006
Future Firebird Trans Am?8569 viewsAppeared in Hot Rod magazine as a possible Firebird Trans Am built on the forthcoming Camaro body. Is it just us or does this Trans Am sketch look better than the Camaro it's based on?

Rendering is by Kevin Morgan of Canton, PA and we say this needs to be built. If you agree let GM and Pontiac know at General Motors Corporation, Box 33170, Detroit, MI 48232 or 480-210-701 or
Dec 21, 2006
78 Trans Am of Bret Campbell3731 viewsOct 21, 2006
89 Trans Am of Bret Campbell3710 viewsOct 21, 2006
98 Trans Am of Bret Campbell1629 viewsOct 21, 2006
77 Firebird Esprit "Rockford Files" of Jim Suva3376 viewsHere is a picture of my 1977 Firebird Esprit. It is a Rockford File Look a like.Oct 21, 2006
84 Firebird S/E of Brad1214 viewsHere's my '84 that I've been working on for something like 4 years now. New Engine, rebuilt trans and rearend, interior, paint... too much to list... and it's still not done! It was the only 3rd gen S/E model at the TA Nationals this year, so it kind of stood out..especially with the rather unique color scheme (only available in '83 &"84) Oct 21, 2006
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