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1979 Firebird Formula by Ken and Sue Dahman
this is an excerpt from the articles appearing in the EAGLE

My wife and I are the original owners of a 1979 Firebird Formula, VIN Number 2U87Y9L129504. It is painted two-tone, Platinum Silver upper with a Dark Gray lower body and it has dark blue and light blue pin stripes. Its interior is light blue. It has dark glass T-TOPS. It has the 301 engine and is a 3 speed automatic.

We purchased the car new in December 1978. I drove it daily to my office and back home until early 1989. It then became our 3rd car (mostly sat in the garage) until mid 1990 when it became our oldest sonís transportation during high school. When he went off to collage, the car was passed onto our youngest son. He drove it until he went off to collage. It survived two teen-aged boys, driving it for close to 5 years!

Again, the car sat in the garage for a while. Then in 1996, because we loved the look of the car, we decided to restore it back to original condition.

We had a friend take out the dings, the few rust areas and repaint it in its original colors.

He also made original looking decals (the large word FORMULA) which are located beneath the doors by scanning them into a computer, having them produced them and then applying them.

Since he could not find a source for the original looking pin stripes, he laid down multi layers of light and dark blue pin stripes to regain the original look.

We then obtained NOS interior seat material from the Seattle area and had the interior redone.

We had the air conditioning system replaced with the new coolant type so that we can drive it in comfort during the hot St. Louis summers.

It now has it place in the garage next to our 1959 Triumph TR3 and our 1965 Porsche 356 Cabriolet.

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