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'67 Firebird of Beverly Reedy
this is an excerpt from the articles appearing in the EAGLE

The February 2007 featured car was the Ď67 Firebird of Beverly Reedy. Here is her story:

I bought my 67 Firebird during my senior year of high school. I am the second owner. It was sold new from a Pontiac dealership (George Marshallís) which was located in Milford Delaware. I bought it from the same dealership in November 1972.

While on my way to work in December 1975 a flat body truck ran the signal lights and hit me in the rear quarter panel. Luckily for me I was not hurt and my car could be repaired. I decided since I was having it repaired why not change the color to. So I had it painted silver. As the years went by the weather took its toll on the paint. I had it painted silver once more and a maroon color twice.

I continued to drive my Firebird everyday until the mid 1980ís. I realized that soon it would be 25 years old. If I was going to keep it around for another 25 years I had better find something else to drive. So I did. I would drive it occasionally just to keep the battery charged.

Once again the paint was fading and my car was just worn out. I wanted to restore it back to like new condition. A friend on mine had a friend that done total car restorations. I contacted him and he agreed to do my car.

My car had the 230 overhead cam engine when I bought it. I had trouble with it a lot. I had the engine rebuilt in April 1976. Even after having that done I still had problems with it. I took the car to a nearby salvage yard and the engine removed. They put a 250 Chevy engine in its place. I let the salvage yard keep that overhead cam engine. Boy that was a big mistake.

I wanted to put the car back to original as much as possible. I began looking for another overhead cam engine. Well I didnít have to look far. Just around the corner from me there was a salvage yard. There sat a Firebird with the overhead cam engine. I bought the car and we pulled the engine. It wasnít the 230 overhead cam but a 250.

I took my car to the restoration shop in March 2005. He took it completely apart right down to the frame. Everything on the car has been replaced with new or restored parts. I did have the brakes updated to disc instead of the drum brakes it had. We put a AM/FM cassette player with a CD changer in the trunk.

Finally in June 2006 my car was ready for its first show which was being held at a local fairgrounds in the town were I grew up. It brought back a lot of memories for me and for some of my classmates too. I am looking forward to the next car show. Maybe it will bring back memories to a few that may have had a 1967 Firebird.

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