A story and article and photos of a 1985 Trans Am of Brandon Karpowitz.
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Established in 1984


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by Brandon Karpowitz
this is an excerpt from the articles appearing in the EAGLE

That's what I kiddingly refer to as my 1985 Trans Am. Ever since I was 12 years old I've loved the third generation Firebirds, and with my mother working for a Pontiac dealership, you could say I was brought up on them. My mother would always bring me home sales literature, and posters of the past year. But my favorite was of an '85 black and gold Trans Am jetting down a road. So when in 1994 the same car was traded in at the dealership, it didn't take me long to come up with the $2,500 to buy it. The car was in really good shape for having 126,000 miles on it, with just a few tiny rust spots. It had the LG4 305, with a 5-speed, no air or cruise, but every other option available, includin1985 Trans Amg T-tops.

I drove it as for about a year (no winters), but soon decided it needed a little more pep. So out went the 305 and in went a new GM Performance Parts H.O. 350, which makes about 335 horses. The stock exhaust also had to go, with Edelbrock Tubular Exhaust System and SLP filling in on the job now. Other goodies include; an Edelbrock intake, Hypertech chip and coil, and Mallory 8.8 mm wires. The suspension is also all Edelbrock / Hotchkis in the rear and Energy Suspension up front. Needless to say 'Vette owners are a bit surprised when I pull away.

But this isn't just a happy story. In October of '95 it was stolen one week before I was putting it in storage. The car was recovered but with extensive damage done to the interior, not to mention the wheels and tops gone. But to my surprise the engine wasn't even touched. Being that I couldn't afford full coverage insurance on the vehicle at the time, I had no choice but to put it https://fochal.com/forms/fborder.htm together. Luckily I found someone with an '85 TA for sale with a bad body and an excellent interior. So I switched the interior from tan to black, even had to replace the entire dash, seeing that the old one was broken from its supports.

Added to the new interior is a serious sound system custom installed all by myself, plus a top of the line security system (not that stupid twice). I hope to get her repainted this coming year, and possibly some nice rims. I know it sounds like I have a ton of cash invested in something that may not be worth it, but to drive it is to love it and that's what is important right?

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