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1970 1/2 Trans Am of Jay Lord
this is an excerpt from the articles appearing in the EAGLE

I was in Riverside California and working at March AFB in November 1988, when an ad appeared in a Penny Saver 1970 Trans Am, ram air, runs $1300 Naturally, I called and asked if it was a Ram Air III or IV. The owner had no clue, so that made me want to get there even faster.

As it turned out, it was a white Ram Air III TA that was in pretty bad shape. As I found out later, the car we were looking at, was a true PHS documented, high optioned, Ram Air III, California TA that still had the original paint, engine, heads, trany, rear end, door panels, fenders, floor pans and quarters. It had very little rust, as described above. The shaker even had the solenoids, wiring, and all the goodies that make the flapper open when you accelerate. My friend Randy and a huddled up and came up with an offer of $950 and he took it! I became the third owner and the seller was friends with the first owner, so he had a lot of history on the car.

We had the car towed home as the motor had not been turned over in 8 months. The next weekend we started the restoration. The last thing, but the most important one of all, was the engine rebuild. In 1990, the compression had finally gone almost to zero. I decided to find someone who could rebuild the motor. I didnít have to look far as I had met Carl Lower at one of the local Pontiac club meetings. At that time, Carl was staying with Bruce Fulper-Rock and Roll Engineering and came highly recommended.

In 1993, I moved to Texas and only have had to replace the normal parts a car goes through..

Although I show my TA in many San Antonio and surrounding area shows, the best times Iíve had with the car are when Iím driving it to and from these shows, to a cruise night or two, or just around the area where I live on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. This car was my first one to try to restore and will always be very special to me. I feel very lucky to have found it.

Editorís Note: The complete story can be found on the club blog at

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