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Pontiac Family of Bob Gaydo
this is an excerpt from the articles appearing in the EAGLE


A Pontiac Family
by Bob Gaydo

The Gaydo family of Horton Michigan is truly a Pontiac family. There are (currently) 5 Firebirds in the yard, plus 2 GMC pickups, a Pontiac Sunfire, a 1962 Pontiac Tempest, the current restoration project, plus an original (ordered and purchased new ) 1971 GTO Judge. The three Firebirds pictured include a 1995 Firehawk, a 1995 Trans Am convertible with white top and white leather interior, and a 1999 Firehawk. Bob purchased the 1999 Firehawk new. He originally tried to order a 1998 but due to production issues, there no 1998 Firehawks produced. So he ordered a 1999 (Hawk #437), which has won numerous 1st and 2nd place trophies at Ames Pontiac Performance Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, as well as the Firehawk Rally also at Norwalk, and the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio. Two years ago on the way to the Pontiac Nationals we noticed a red 1995 Firehawk sitting at a Ford dealer. Within a week of returning home we had purchased the car (Firehawk 251) for Jill to drive and show. Both are Formula cars with 6 speed manual transmissions. Bob's has 13,000 miles and Jill's 50,000. The Trans Am was spotted for sale on the side of the road almost four years ago and after some serious negotiations it was added to the family as a summer fun car. The other two Firebirds include a 1988 Formula 350 WS6 purchased new which currently is in storage with 70,000 miles as well as a 1990 Firebird which was given to our son Dane as a birthday gift for his 16th birthday (Dane was born in 1990).

Bob who is a licensed US Customs broker works in Detroit and specializes in Customs law, helping importers comply with the import and export regulations. He is also the current Director of the Firehawk Association of America, as well as Treasurer of the Little Indians (1961-1963 Tempest) Chapter of the POCI. Jill is a Credit Manager and Treasurer of the Firehawk Association of America. Dane is a freshman at Michigan State University, working towards a degree in Chemical Engineering. It is his desire to work on alternative motor fuels upon graduation. We also have a daughter, Carlie, who was born in 1995, and based upon her brother receiving a 16 year old Firebird on his 16th birthday, has her eye on our 1995 Trans Am convertible, although she let us know she would prefer it in pink. The final member of the family is Bismarck, our 2 year old German Shepherd who believes one of the GMC pickups is his, and will lay patiently in the bed if we forget to close it, until he gets a ride, preferably to the creemee stand in the summer for his vanilla creemee.

Gaydo Family Pontiacs

Gaydo Family Pontiacs

Gaydo Family Pontiacs

Gaydo Family Pontiacs

Gaydo Family Pontiacs

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