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National Firebird and Trans Am Club Blog

Trans Am/All Pontiac Run 2014
by Ben Deutschman


The 2014 Trans Am/All Pontiac Run went off as scheduled this year on July 12, 2014, unlike last year. Thanks to help from my partner Steve Reed, flyers were spread far and wide, and we also found a number of new outlets on the Web to publicize through, such as, Northeast Wheels,,,, just to name a few.

Another factor that certainly helped bolster participation levels this year, was beautiful sunny weather, with warm, but not intolerable temps.

The total number of cars gathering at the Edison McDonalds was 23, and while they didn't join us for the ride, um, might have had a little problem keeping up, technically it was 24, if one included the mini replica Firebird, powered by a Lawn Mower engine.

At approximately 3:30 P.M. our entourage departed the McDonalds, and we headed out on to Rt 1. From our departure point we cruised for about 10 miles on Rt 287, then a short hop on Rt 22, and finally a nice long drive down Rt 202 South. Most of the trip was pleasant, and without incident, until we reached the halfway point on Rt 202. Unfortunately, one of our participants had an issue with a Starter wire a that grounded out, and though help from fellow Run participants got the problem taken care of, the fellow and his friends opted not to chance going the rest of the way to Flemington. An understandable decision, given the late hour we would depart the end destination of the Run.

With hopes high that our troubles were over, and good times lay ahead, the rest of us continued on to our destination, arriving in Flemington around

4:30 P.M., where our Host of the event Steve Mamackus of 'Kroozin Productions', ushered us in to our reserved parking area. Of course we figured we were home free at that point in our journey, but alas, trouble raised its ugly head again, as one of our participants, with a pristine 1964 Tempest, struck a retaining wall, while backing into his parking space.

The rest of the evening went well, no more incidents, or accidents, and ALL who remained, were treated to Goodie Bags packed by Steve Reed, with items from the National Firebird Trans Am Club, Hagerty Classic Insurance, and others, a drawing for giveaway gifts care of the Goodguys Car Club, and Rock Auto, plus the awarding of two trophies, Best Pontiac and Best Trans Am, selected by participant balloting, using our low tech Raffle/giveaway tickets as the Ballots.

2014 New Jersey Run 2014 New Jersey Run 2014 New Jerseyu Run 2014 New Jersey Run2014 New Jersey Run 2014 New Jersey Run 2014 New Jersey Run 2014 New Jersey Run

The 2014 Trans Am Nationals were held from August 22-24 in Fairborn, Ohio which is just outside of Dayton, Oho. There is always a large number of Firebirds and Trans Ams so the National Firebird and Trans Am Club participates in this event.

The turnout, as always was great as there were rows and rows of Firebirds and Trans Ams with many fine examples of all generations.

There were hundreds of cars that registered for the show and everyone had a great time. Thanks to the staff of dedicated people who put on the show and volunteered their time.

A great time was had by the attendees and the 31st Annual Trans Am National will be held in August 2015. Take a look at all the photos of the event and we know we will see you there!

2014 TA Nationals 2014 TA Nationals 2014 TA Nationals 2014 TA Nationals 2014 TA Nationals

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