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Title: Ram Air Conversion
Post by: Muteki on March 01, 2007, 04:23:31 AM
Hello, I am new to the site and wondering if someone can help me out. My car was in a minor accident at the beginning of the year and had only cosmetic work done to it. Its a 1998 Firebird with the V-6. During its stint in the shop, I put an OEM Ram air hood on it. Looked great and had to do a little minor modifications to the front bumber cover to make it line up on the nose, but turned out great and it turns allot of heads. Here comes the question....since I dont have enough money to buy a new engine at the moment, I would like to get some better performance out of my current one. I was considering trying to modify an OEM ram air intake to fit my needs if it is possible. Has anyone ever tried this or knows if it is possible? I would like to keep it looking semi-stock, so I would like to avoid an open air filte unless its my only choice and if so, which brand K&N? Thanks in advance for any help.
Title: Re: Ram Air Conversion (Here comes the answer !)
Post by: T/A JLK on March 03, 2007, 08:40:11 PM
Here comes the answer ! You mite want to try a teensy- weensy spot of Nitrous ( NOS ) to give your engine a little bigger bang for the buck!
For parts and / or kit try contacting the folks at HP Hunter Performance.
Jules Glogovscan
93012 Livernois
Houston, TX.
( 713 ) 464-2930  To see what can do for you...

Any thing is possible as far as modifications is concerned with determination, ingenuity, research and some fabrication it is possible to convert to a Ram Air Induction System,
And a few visits to your local auto bone-yard  ( Auto Salvage Yard ) for a few Ram-Air odds-an ends.   
You may also want to consider a secondhand engine from an auto salvage yard for a cheaper buck however it is buyer beware 30 to 90 day's warranty on engines // And Try to have the bone-yard staff run it before, you have them pull it // (Engine that is.) Make sure engine is ok. [ 98 / 2002 ]
Engine, Engine Wire Harness, ECM, etc. and all of the associated Ram-Air Goodies that goes with it.

The K&N filter is an excellent choice of performance filter in my opinion I use one on my    T / A. 
And finely the best advice I can give you is plan your modification strategy well before you strike / Mod-Time, Mod-Cost's etc. and most importantly do research first !

        Hope This Can Be Of Some Help.   ;D

                                                                Justin K.
Title: Re: Ram Air Conversion
Post by: Muteki on March 05, 2007, 07:31:26 PM
Thanks for your information. It is really helpful. I have to admit, our local boneyard doesn't have a selection for me to pull from. I am on the island of Guam, where there is only 5 or 6 (V-6) Firebirds, 1 Firehawk and 1 WS-6 and to my knowledge all are running.....some better than others, hahahah. Everything I do, I have to import. I have considered NOS, but the problem is if you have problems and blow an engine, I dont have a spare ride to accomodate me until I can have an engine shipped, besides I do plan to step up to a V-8 when the current engine has had enough.

I am still doing research weighing my options of the LS-1 and as much as I would like to have the vetts VO6 LS-7. I am really concerned with the conversion cost and conflicts with computers, wiring and stuff like that; since I will have to have a shop do this for me. I am also considering an old school carburated crate performance motor to get the old school sound, easier to work on and maintain to include purchase cost, but this is all after my v-6 dies and it runs great with only 70k miles on it.

So, I figured I wanted to get the most out of the current motor. The K&N filter will be a much easier conversion, not to mention I could yank out allot of parts I dont need to loos some weight....but to pop the hood and see the ram air sticker under the hood is cool too......but it all boils down to performance to me. Do you think the K&N open filter would give me more horsepower or the same as a ram air box with a K&N filterchager? Thanks.
Title: Re: Ram Air Conversion
Post by: T/A JLK on March 05, 2007, 11:39:04 PM
Hi, Again
Being in you're situation and having limitations for parts at the local salvage yards in your area, if I can suggest, if I may to you that you mite want to try a cold air induction system such as
a K&N FUEL INJECTION PERFORMANCE KIT, 57 SERIES FIPK, GENERATION 2, COLD AIR INTAKE it replaces the entire air intake tract and filter. It can produces up to an additional 8.66 horsepower at 6300 RPM and it can increases fuel mileage as well; and it is easy to install, an it has a large open filter area which you mite like. 
The application for this kit is for a  3.4L, V6- FI, VIN "S", MFI..
I thing that's about the best you can do given your circumstances. // As far as better engine breathing is concerned.

Hope Can Be Of Some Help      ;D

Title: Re: Ram Air Conversion
Post by: Muteki on March 07, 2007, 09:21:19 AM
That is a lot of help. Thanks
Title: Re: Ram Air Conversion
Post by: mithral7 on June 18, 2007, 04:56:35 PM
Mmmm.... Ram Air and performance....

I just finished retrofitting my basically stock '73 Formula 455 with functional Ram Air.

What it gave me in performance at low speed low rpm is pretty much nothing, except for bragging rights (the bragging rights for even having functional Ram Air on my '73 Formula in the first place).

What it gave me in performance at high rpm/speed is noticeable.  I always had an issue with carburetor sounding chocked off at the higher end of accelleration at higher speeds.  But cooler air coming in basically unrestricted made a noticeable difference.  The engine no longer "chokes" at those last critical stages of high speed accelleration when it wants max cfm.

If your engine is getting enough oxygen without ram air, then it will have only minor advantages with ram air, and only at the higher speeds when the air coming in the scoops is coolest and densest.

Updated Post.
Just for the sake of yacking:

The real issue here is purely a matter of air density, especially us antique naturally-aspirated folks.  Unrestricted cooler air at the higher speeds is like having free horsepower boost because the cooler air "rammed" into the breather space from outside is more dense that a similar volume of war air from inside the engine compartment.  But everyone here already knows this.

This is effectively free power, except for the expense of setting up the ram air system in the first place.  So consider the cost of the ram air upgrade against other ways to increase air density.

There is a product, can't remember manufacturers, that offers an electric "blower" device that installs in the air ducting of newer vehicles which already duct their intake air from a location near the fenders or front of the car.  The device actually pulls air in through existing ductwork and forces it through toward the engine.  While costing less and offers less performance enhancement than a full blower or turbo assembly, it does offer the same effectively type of performance enhancement as hood-scooped ram air.

Title: Re: Ram Air Conversion
Post by: aj98formula on March 10, 2008, 02:21:48 PM
If i were you, i would try buying a stock 93-97 TA ram air box and filter.  they're not covered with a lid, so there shouldn't be any major mods needed to fit the hood...