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Title: Distributor Module
Post by: may2021 on April 22, 2021, 11:44:47 AM
I previously asked for  help nad I received it for my Ď79 Formula, 301, 4-bbl, BW 4-spd manual transmission.

The car starts GREAT! Even in this recent sub-zero weather weíve been experiencing, it fires right up. If I drive it while itís still at fast-idle (approx 1000-rpm), everything is great. Everything is fine until the engine warms up and then it starts spitting and sputtering and bucking and the tach swings from 0 to whatever. While itís doing this, if I take my foot off the gas, it idles like a purring kitten at 500-650rpm.

As soon as I step on the gas though, itís back to spitting, sputtering, backfiring, lurching. Eventually, if I just keep going, itíll start running fine again. I know some of the things it MIGHT be, but if anyone can say with a good deal of confidence what it probably is, please chime in. Basically, if youíve experienced the same exact thing and itís fixed now, please let me know the problem/solution. THANKS!!!Ē

Well, turns out the problem was...drum roll...a bad distributor!! I had previously replaced the cap, coil, and rotor and nothing appeared to be ďbrokenĒ. I guess this distributor (original to the car) was just too old, worn out and corroded to function properly (kinda like me).

Dropped a new Cardone distributor ($115 from Partsgeek) in and all problems gone.

Mo Chinski
Title: Re: Distributor Module
Post by: firebirdclub on April 22, 2021, 11:53:56 AM
Did you check under the module for grease/heat sink in the new distributor? I have bought probably 50 of these cheap parts store/ebay distributors and alot of them forget to put that under the module which isnít a great quality one anyway....then your car just dies/no start or acts up sputtering again.

I started swapping these cheap foreign modules out for a msd or accell before I even put it in the car. Itís another 50 bucks but I havenít had a problem since. And itís still cheaper than buying a msd distributor for a Pontiac.

Kat Sydow

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