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Title: '89 GTA steering column
Post by: jasa0422 on October 14, 2007, 10:34:49 AM
Does anyone know where I can find a tan steering column or somewhere I can send mine and have it rebuilt??? Any help would be great. Thanks.
Title: Re: '89 GTA steering column
Post by: T/A JLK on November 24, 2007, 04:16:04 PM

With out knowing what kind of damage that your steering column has sustained that would prompt you to replace it // Generally as a rule steering columns basically out last the car there are however; some electrical and mechanical components which may need to be replaced on a rare remote basis- Ignition Switch Assembly, Turn Signal Hazard Assembly, Key Lock Assembly, Steering Wheel etc. / do to Damage, Defective or Worn out conditions.

If you want to replace your steering column for whatever reason- added options Tilt Wheel, SRS Air Bag etc., some minor physical damage or pure nostalgia; in my opinion the best and cheapest route to take; is to pay a little visit to your friendly neighborhood auto chop shop for your needs // if you take the column to a local auto shop plan to spend big $$$$$ on the recondition,
/ providing all the parts are still available.

 And as far as the color of your column is concerned, you can prime and repaint any steering column to any color / Tan; or any other color that is // or you may have it repainted from a local auto paint shop for a price $$.

And if you where to buy a new steering column from the “Pontiac Dealer” if they where still available and you are willing to pay the big bucks; they come flat primed black anyway, and you will have to look up your cars interior color-code and/or codes to get the right color match.

                               Hope This Helps  ;D

                                          Justin L. Kwarta

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