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Title: New Club Members
Post by: firebirdclub on January 17, 2009, 12:47:48 PM
This section highlights some of the new members that have joined the club recently and is the same list that appears in the latest Eagle club magazine. Welcome to the Club!

Recent members names may appear later.

Dennis Humbert, Independence, KY
Dennis has a ‘99 navy blue metallic Trans Am Firehawk which is 1 of 742 built.

Tim Periman, Mount Olive, Illinois
Tim has an ‘88 Firebird.

Brian Wiegand, Williamsport, Indiana
Brian has a 2001 silver Firebird.

Mike Prescott, Lockport, New York
Mike has a ‘79 yellow Trans Am.

Octavian Lekas, Galloway, New Jersey
Octavian has an ‘80 yellow Firebird Esprit.

Charlie Huntington, Newcastle, Maine

Terry Frekol, Pasedena, California
Terry has an ‘89 black Trans Am GTA.

Julie Kurtz, Petersburg, Michigan
Julie has a ‘94 red Trans Am.

Raymond O. Dalton Jr., Nashville, TN
Raymond has a ‘76 yellow Trans Am and a blue ‘71 Formula 350.

Barrett Wear, Columbus, Ohio
Barrett has a ‘77 black Trans Am and a ‘79 silver 10th anniversary Trans Am, an ‘83 white Daytona pace car Trans Am and an ‘89 white Indy 500 pace car Trans Am.

Scott Vancura, Lincoln, Nebraska

Mark Hickman, Kiel, Wisconsin

Morris Porter, Needham, MA
Morris had a  ‘75 silver Trans Am.

David Bassett, Nashville, Tennessee
David has a ‘74 Esprit and a ‘77 Esprit. (correction from the  previous issue).

James Kuehn, Maryland Heights, MO
James has a  green ‘67 Firebird Sprint.

Jody Spence, Wheaton, Illinois
Jody has a ‘77 Cameo white Firebird that was originally her mom’s first car.

Derrick Hottenstine, Hortonville, WI

Gale K. Helpingstine, Fisher, Illinois
Gale has a '74 buccaneer red Trans Am. He bought the car in 1977!

David Smith, Bronx, New York
David has a red ‘67 Firebird 400.

Stephen L. Martin, Brier, Washington
Stephen has a ‘76 black Trans Am.

Ken Piper, Superior, Wisconsin
Ken has a ‘94 green Formula.

Karen L. Guy, Chandler, Arizona
Karen has a ‘77 black “Smokey and the Bandit” Trans Am.

John Gailey, Carlsbad, California

Chris Lafore, Coatesville, PA
Chris has a ‘79 black on beige S.E. T/A.

John Beard, Pahrump, Nevada
John has a ‘76 Trans Am.

Robert Albinder, Brooklyn, New York
Robert has a ‘77 Trans Am.

Ron Vaseleski, Hendersonville, NC
Ron has a ‘68 silver 350 coupe.

Mark Bass, Amelia, Ohio

Kevin Poland, Lebanon, Indiana
Kevin has a ‘77 white Trans Am.

TDM Consulting & Sales, Chesterfield, MO

Greg Wykle, Cortand, Ohio
Greg has a’79 sundance yellow Trans Am.

Robert C. Stoerkel, Pittsburgh, PA
Robert has a ‘68 Firebird sport coupe.

Chris Lafore, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Chris has a ‘79 black Trans Am.

Amy McCombie-Shelson, Bryantown, MD - Amy has a ‘69 maroon Firebird.

Geoff Snow, Mentor on the Lake, OH
Geoff has a ‘79 red Trans Am.

Gary Trombino, Centereach, New York
Gary has a ‘73 red Trans Am.

Bethany Orr, Mebane, North Carolina
Bethany has an ‘83 black & gold Trans Am.

Mark Irwin, Walkerton, Indiana
Mark has an ‘81 maroon/silver Formula.

Kevin Wakely, Lisbon, Connecticut

Jim Muldoon, Mexico Beach, Florida
Jim has a ‘67 red Firebird.

Rob & Jennette Reynolds, Kutztown, PA

Chris Sotherden, Constantia, New York
Chris has a ‘94 yellow Trans Am.

Tracy Landrum, Cumming, Georgia
Tracy has a ‘76 black with gold Trans Am.

Eric T. Shugart, Johnson City, TN

William Perry, Goddard, Kansas
William has a ‘78 solar gold Trans Am Y88.

Megan Fracolli, San Roman, California
Megan has a ‘67 black/blue Firebird convertible.

Bruce Stevens, Clearwater, Florida
Bruce has a ‘96 red and a ‘96 silver T/A.

George Speed, Ellenwood, Georgia
George has a ‘70 white and a ‘70 blue T/A.

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