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Cars for sale / 1999 Trans Am WS-6 ram air
« Last post by firebirdclub on September 23, 2021, 10:43:03 PM »
1999 Trans Am WS-6 ram air, convertible 20,500 miles,6 speed ,original bill of sale and window sticker. Everything works, flawless condition. $34,000  OBO. Call Mike at 917-335-8621. Car in Waretown, NJ.
News and Announcements / 'Birds in Flight - Trans Am Worldwide
« Last post by firebirdclub on September 10, 2021, 03:57:51 PM »
by Mark E. Neumann

Editor’s Note: this is the fifth in a series of columns about interesting stories connected with Firebirds and Trans Ams. See previous issues of the printed Eagle for the other columns.

When he was a teen, Tod Warmack and his brother Scott watched their dad pull up to the house one day in Tallahassee, Florida with a just-bought 1978 Gold Edition Pontiac Trans Am. "Of course, we knew we had to have one, too." Warmack recalled in an interview with The Eagle.

Tod had seen a 1978 Martinque Blue edition pull into his high school parking lot one day and knew that was the one he wanted. He found one with T-tops and a four speed, and the W72/WS-6 handling package. Scott also found a Trans Am for himself. It was Trans Am fever, family style.

"My dad had Corvettes, Chevelles, Impalas, and then we got into GTOs," Warmack said. "We were always around muscle cars."
The last Trans-Am was built in 2002, and Pontiac disappeared eight years later. But that love for the pony car never left the family.
Today, the brothers are owners of Trans Am Worldwide, which builds Trans Am conversions using the Chevy Camaro as the base model, and Trans Am Depot, which does restorations work on vintage Firebirds and other muscle cars.

"We started Trans Am Depot first as just a place to restore our own cars. But them we started getting customers and the business grew," Warmack said. Later, after seeing renderings from designer Kevin Morgan in Hot Rod magazine showing how a Trans Am would look as a conversion at the debut of the fifth generation Camaro, Womack developed the idea of building a new Trans Am using the Camaro as a donor car. The look of the ’77-’78 Trans Am models were considered a base for the redesign.

"We get the CAD data of the Camaro from GM, and then we design the new body panels for the Trans Am from there," Warmack said. Most of the body panels are carbon fiber now, and the company builds them in-house, along with most of the motor work.
The company’s 20 employees have churned out close to 200 of the Trans Am conversions, including the Super Duty, which offers up to 1,100 horsepower and a 9.3 second ET on the drag strip. The 50th Anniversary model and the Outlaw edition are also available.
One of the company’s signature cars was the Bandit edition – a tribute to the "Smokey and the Bandit" movie with a limited run of 77 cars to honor the year the movie came out. Burt Reynolds, who starred in the movie, was involved in promoting the car.

Where it started

Trans Am Worldwide debuted in 2010 at the Trans Am Nationals. "It was a crude prototype," Warmack recalls.

Pricing for the cars vary by customer-requested options. "When we first started the company, our entry level was $70,000" which included the donor car, Warmack said. "But we didn’t sell any of those. Most people ask for fully optioned cars, and that brings prices up to around $140,000." That include added performance, paint, and custom interiors. "Prices of materials have gone up, as well as the cost for the donor cars, "Warmack said.

The customer base is generally older, but also is made up of folks who are big Pontiac fans. And the cars are appreciating in value. "We have seen Bandit edition models that sold for $130,000 to $165,000 now selling for $230,000 on some occasions in the secondary markets; Super Duty’s are selling in the mid-$200,000," Warmack said.

One of the special cars that Tod and Scott worked on together was a gold Trans Am conversion in memory of their dad. Ted, who passed away in 2018. Tod’s son also helped with the development of the car. Then Tod had an Indian motorcycle customized with Trans Am paint and logos to match the car. "It’s a special car," Warmack said. A YouTube video called "Gold Rush" that details the building of the special gold Trans Am and the motorcycle. It includes Warmack talking about the founding of Trans Am Worldwide and the cars they have built. See it on the company’s website at

About the author: Mark is the second owner of a Buccaneer Red 1974 Trans-Am and serves on the copyediting team for the Eagle.
News and Announcements / Meet the New Members!
« Last post by firebirdclub on September 10, 2021, 03:51:38 PM »
This topic highlights some of the new members that have joined the club (not the message board) recently and is the same list that appears in the latest printed Eagle club magazine. Welcome to the Club! Recent members may appear in a subsequent topic.

Kurt Bollmeier, Hillsboro, Missouri
Kurt has a’96 black Trans Am WS-6.

Gunnar & Max Dunlap, Mundelein, Illinois
They have a ‘79 Formula.

Thomas Williams, Norwood, Ohio
Thomas has a ‘75 Firethorn red Trans Am.

James Harper, Palatine, Illinois
James has a ‘68 red Firebird convertible.

Richard Pierro, Bayville, New York
Richard has a ‘91 wine red Trans Am.

James Mecom, Ennis, Texas

William Clark, Belleville, Illinois
William has a‘67 white Firebird convertible.

Barry Ehrmann, Neconset, New York
Barry has a ‘67 plum mist Firebird 400 convertible.

Michael Benefico, Las Vegas, Nevada

Jeff Bryer, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Jeff has an’69 Caspian blue Firebird 400.

Douglas McCulloch, San Antonio, Texas

Ronald S. Robinson, Nutter Fort, West Virginia

Jason Savage, Lutherville, Maryland
Jason has a 2002 black Trans Am.

Charles E. Synborski, Victor, New York
Charles has a ‘94 red Trans Am.

Randall A. Masters, Dublin, Ohio
Randall has a ‘69 Firebird.

Frank Naugle, Kinnelon, New Jersey
Frank has a ‘71 Adriatic blue Firebird with white vinyl top.

J.D. Herrera, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Larry Schroeder, Saint Johns, Florida

Dave Good, Gladwin, Michigan
He has a ‘78 Martinique blue Trans Am.

Dennis Petrowsky, Johnstown, Pennsylvania - He has a ‘79 black Trans Am SE.

Roy Devoursney, Salem, Oregon
Roy has a ‘97 Trans Am convertible and a ‘98 red Firebird.

Latimer Spinney, Whitestone, Virginia
Latimer has a ‘73 black Firebird Formula.

James B. Litzau, Greendale, Wisconsin

Gilbert Hackett, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Sanford Conners, McHenry, Illinois
Sanford had a ‘79 white Trans Am and a ‘79 burgundy Trans Am.
37th Annual Trans Am Nationals, Fairborn, OH. Jerry Minor at 513-202-1212. .

50th Annual POCI International Convention, Catoosa, OK. or 763-479-2111.
Upcoming Show Announcements / Nov. 23-24, 2021 - Muscle Car Nationals, Rosemont, IL
« Last post by firebirdclub on September 03, 2021, 10:10:45 AM »
Muscle Car Nationals, Rosemont, IL.
Fall Classic Pontiac Car Show, St. Augustine, FL. .
Cars for sale / 1995 Pontiac Trans Am
« Last post by firebirdclub on July 27, 2021, 08:31:20 PM »
1995 Pontiac Trans Am. HB FTA 5.7L MFI HO V8. Grandmas ready to sell! This beauty has been garaged kept all her life. One owner. Never in an accident! Never saw salt or a snowflake! Only 18,920 miles. Bright RED T-Top, 4 speed automatic. All original parts, except battery. Still smells new. 5.7 liter V8 Engine. Alpine security and 6 disc audio system. Black Graphite leather interior, Power doors and windows, Keyless entry, Rear spoiler. $19,995 firm. or 614-264-4117. OH
Cars for sale / 1974 Trans Am
« Last post by firebirdclub on July 25, 2021, 06:11:58 PM »
1974 Trans Am. 76,967 miles. Garage kept since purchase. Private sale by original owner’s family. Recently repainted and restored. Has never been in an accident. 400 engine. Stored in Las Vegas. Call 928-920-0481 for details. $45K OBO.
General Discussion / Steering Column Clips on '73 Trans Am
« Last post by august2021 on July 13, 2021, 07:26:30 PM »
Over the past 4 years, I have disassembled and reassemble a 1973 Trans Am.

In order to remove the gauge cluster, I had to drop the steering column and I bagged some bolts and 2 coated spring steel clips (see photo). I labeled the bag "on or around steering".  I cannot figure out where these clips came from and where they belong.

I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Jim Cliborne
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