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Started by yeehaa, November 19, 2006, 09:08:32 PM

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Any suggestions as to why my Trans Am overheats?  I use the A/C to turn the fans on.  I was told there is an airpump on the circuit.  The fluid was just changed...



can you be more specific?  Is it losing coolant?  Is it steaming out?  Do you see water underneath the car?  Have you tried feeling the hoses?  Have you checked the thermostat? 
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Do you have an LT1 or LS1 or one of the 3000 series?  I can tell you that for the LT1's and LS1's, the engines overheat normally.  It mainly occurs when the car is either at a light or not moving, due to no air being picked up underneath the car.  What temperature is your engine gettin to?  If it sits around the 200-210 degree mark, dont even worry about it.  But if you do want to fix it, you can buy a 160 thermostat, but you will need to get the computer reprogrammed or else the car will run rich.  My recommendation is buying a custom fan switch made my slp (fairly cheap) and using that....or you can get a power programmer and reprogram the computer for what themperature you want the fans to kick on.

but if your car is truley overheating, than it will have to be solved a different way.  Let us know what temp it gets to so we can help you out better.  Also, which engine you have! 
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