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79 Formula a.k.a where I have been all summer...

Started by Todd Stahr, September 26, 2009, 05:38:03 PM

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Todd Stahr

Quote from: gorin002 on October 04, 2009, 08:33:17 AM
if i may tod so there lot more than just a large exhaust pipe ?
pair of large tires right

Much much more.  You cant make 600-700hp with an exhaust tip, Butler Performance did the machine work on this engine. They arent what you call a bolt on type company. Its one of those engines that actually needs 3.5" exhaust, more stall than it has now, and bigger tires. I prefer to use more factory parts than this engine in my other builds, but I wanted a serious piece when I ordered it in 2004. The only factory parts in the 467 is the front timing cover, cam valley pan, block, and main caps. Actually the only vehicles I own that havent been modified are the ones I use in the winter, and usually I have less than $500 in them. They salt the roads here so everything rusts horribly in winter, not even going to consider driving one of my vintage Pontiacs in the snow and salt.

There is no way this engine or the car would pass inspection in Europe again, it barely passed German inspection in 1991 with a mild 400 and no rust. Its a good thing I live in Michigan, no inspection here.
Performance and general repair tech. Traditional Pontiac V8 is my specialty, as well as automatic transmission repair/diagonossis. 2nd gen speciality, and with the addition of the 98 Formula 4th gen LS1 I am getting to know them real well. Holley and Qjet advice as well.

Chalk mark restoration and date codes arent my thing. W.O.T. is my thing..

Is it strange to have 9 firebirds?


You are right about inspections for both American cars and European cars
Some people think just a huge exhaust pipe and pair of huge wheels with a lot of noise makes a car faster.
I understand it takes lot more to make a car faster.

So if you have a standard Firebird engine you should pass it.

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