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Couple of WEIRD problems 1984 WS6 Trans Am

Started by rangernut09011980, November 16, 2009, 10:32:51 PM

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Hey all I am glad I stumbled across this site I have a few electrical problems with my 1984 WS6 TTop

The first Electrical problem started while it was still running(and drivable)   

??? ??? I have zero Instrumentation beyond the fuel gauge and the Speedo, the Tach reads 3k all the time(running or not)  and nothing else works for gauges I have checked all of the fuses and all test good and i have also check for pinched wires (engine was missing when I bought the car I installed a 1993 5.7ltr centerbolt engine from 1993 GMC van) around the bellhousing, I can find nothing that Seems out of place All gagues were working fine and then this started rather suddenly  I am at a loss as to what the problem could be  and was wondering if somebody else has experienced this with theirs ??? ???

Transmission died 1 month after I installed engine(it works for approx 100 yards and then it acts like the trans is not even there) I am gonna replace the fluid and filter and see if that helps if it don't I will have to have it rebuilt

Electrical Problem 2 started After car sat for approx 1 year 

??? ??? I used to start it regularly every few weeks or so to keep things lubed and to keep engine from seizing (this problem is in the starting circuit somewhere) and I had no problems until 1 day I went out to start it  and I have no power going to the starter when I turn the key to the start position I have used a screwdriver and can jump the terminals on the starter and it works fine so I KNOW the starter is not the problem  I am leaning towards the possibility of maybe the Starter switch on the steering column has gone bad but would like to get some input b4 I start Dissecting this car  ??? ???

Thanks in advance  Rangernut



Come on guys I need some input on these issues........ :-\


i am truly sory i can t help you :'(
i hope guys here can i can t :(


LT1-style engines are NOTORIOUS for burning through one of the plug wires on one of the rear cylinders.  Make sure you have looms on all the wiring.  If you have a test light and a multimeter, those are going to be your best friends.
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