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First post in here. My GTOs

Started by Todd Stahr, December 07, 2006, 09:57:30 AM

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Todd Stahr

Since there arent any posts in here, I figured I would start it off with some of my GTOs. Dont have any good ones of the 72, but here is the 70 and the 65. Both are going in the shop next year (HOPEFULLY!!) for a ground up rebuild. I gotta get the Fords out of there first. (Fords are a 67 Cougar and a 71 Mustang MACH 1)

The 70 has a 455 with ported 5C heads, RPM intake, ultradyne 280-288 cam, cheap summit headers, 850 Demon but soon will get a Quadrajet. Behind that is a 2004R sending the grunt to a 12 bolt with 3.42 gears. Originally it was a base model 400/3 speed GTO and the only options were power steering, power disc brakes, hidden wipers, and a tach in the dash. When I got it there was a 350 in it with a broken muncie M21.

The 65 is a parts car that I am going to rebuild. Its manual everything and I got it with no drivetrain. There is an olds rear end under it, the one that is too wide and doesnt have posi. just another thing to fix. Its getting a mild 400, Th350 trans  or possibly a 2004R, and whatever rear end I can find for it. Plans include being a nice daily driver for my father in law.
Performance and general repair tech. Traditional Pontiac V8 is my specialty, as well as automatic transmission repair/diagonossis. 2nd gen speciality, and with the addition of the 98 Formula 4th gen LS1 I am getting to know them real well. Holley and Qjet advice as well.

Chalk mark restoration and date codes arent my thing. W.O.T. is my thing..

Is it strange to have 9 firebirds?


yeah GTO i remeber good old days
give us a update.on that 65 wander how it looks how fair you are with restoration

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