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77 W72 trans am Restoration (roof swap)

Started by 4SPEED, November 28, 2009, 12:53:09 AM

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picked up the parts from being sand blasted. called the other place to set up a date to get all the paint cooked off the body and glass beaded.  that was way to expensive. it not in the budget. so I called the the sand blaster dude. so I took it over there today. firewall, floor, wheel well, door jams, window jams, trunk. fame rails and tail panel.  100.00 bucks cash.

here is some more for your viewing pleasure   8) 

tomorrow I go pick up the parts car with the Hurst roof.



we got some snow last night. so I didn't go get the parts car. going in the morn. Randy emailed me. he told me my bezels showed up and will be done with them in a few weeks.  heehaw

I did work on it for about 4 hr today. I what to get it back on its wheels soon. thats the plan any way. here is the pics

the worlds most expensive car lift.

here is a good spot for a plug for my business


parts going to Randy Combs to get restored

NEW parts  ;D

going to Randy to make it gold


well just got back from picking up the 77 parts car. here is a few pics.



well today was the day. I did it. ( the roof swap)  it's really not that bad to do. easy really.  I don't no if the way I did it is right or wrong. but here go's

first I measured 15" up the front posts. marked them the best I could. on the donor car I measured  up 14 15/16" due to the cutting disk is about 1/8" thick.  and cut one car on one side of the line (top) and cut the other car on the other side of the line (bottom).

on the sail panel , I took a propane torch and melted the led out to get to the seem.  and cut above the seem about an inch. after the roof is off , then take off the 1" piece of roof on the seem. 
do the opposite for the donor car cut the sail panel about an inch below the seem. and lay it on some saw horses to clean it up.

after you get the new roof and the car cleaned up your ready to mach them up.


I forgot , first I put some steal in it to strengthen the body

here is the new roof.


its ground up start from scratch restoration right


frame off , ground up ,  any thing that will come off , will come off and be fixed or replaced.
here is a quick recap of the work done so far.


today I  got the t-top track out, welded the inside of the sail panels,  stripped all the paint and cut the bad part of the rocker off.
tomorrow I will epoxy prime the body except for the rocker



Quote from: gorin002 on December 31, 2009, 10:10:50 AM
be original or a modified ?

all original.  ;)  only cleaner, no seam sealer slung all over the place and no over spray under the car. things like that  :)


another way to fix a hole  ;D

cut away the rust

get a 1/4" bar of copper. clamp it behind the hole. the wire weld will not stick to the copper and makes the weld on the inside smooth.


other spot I fixed today

finely done with sheet metal work, time to make it RED. ;)

got the glass on the welds and seams


today I worked on the sail panels and got the car moved back into her corner of the shop.  and started work the front frame.

I work on the steering rod (what ever its called) 

I took it apart cleaned it and painted parts of it.

got the rod from Jegs , its a polished s/s steering rod.

I drilled the hole for the pin and noched out the rod for the shim spring.

and put it back together.

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