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Started by builtransam82, December 28, 2009, 07:44:44 PM

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So I have a 1995, mint, built up Trans Am.... just bought some CENTER LINE drag rims/tires from a guy that said he pulled them off his 1996 Firebird.  So they should fit mine right?  MY CONCERN:

Was told I need a 17 inch minimum rim to fit over calipers, these are 15's.... ???? TO MUCH SNOW OUTSIDE FOR ME TO GET TO MY STORED CAR AND CHECK.... Are they going to fit?  They are 15" center line DEEP dish rears, and narrow fronts


A friend of mine has AR Centerlines on his 94 Formy with disc brakes.  They'll fit.  But you will scrape...EVERYTHING.  If your car is lowered (and even if it's not), I wouldn't even DREAM of putting 15" wheels on it.  He can't go over even the smallest speed bump without scraping/bottoming out.  That's a 2-inch drop for a car that already rides low in stock height.  I would measure ground clearance at your car's LOWEST point and go from there...once you can get to your car.  :o
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