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1979 water temp sending unit help

Started by clayton, January 16, 2010, 02:43:23 AM

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I have a 79 trans am and the water temp guage is non responsive, i need to find out how i can test for a bad sending unit, the sending unit isnt very old, but ive been told that you can buy bad sending units when you buy the cheap ones, i tested the unit with my ohmmeter and got zero continuity, at cold and at regular running temp. How are you supposed to be able to test the unit to find out if its bad or not before i go and purchase a more expensive and non returnable one? I know how to use a multimeter and i have a 12 volt reading coming from the gauge wire that connects to the top of the sending unit but the sending unit seems to not be grounded and sending the gauge a reading. I need to find out how these sending units work and how to diagnose them...


ok nevermind ive found that the gauge is bad and completely unresponsive, does anyone know if this gauge alone can be replaced in the cluster and where a new gauge can be purchased

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