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1974 Trans Am value w only 114 MILES

Started by arione, December 14, 2006, 03:07:00 PM

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I have acquired a 1974 Trans Am. Blue/blue interior. Hardtop, Super Duty 455, Auto trans, manual windows, locks. The odometer reads 114 miles. SD 455 motor,GM paper labels are on the valve cover from the factory. No rust, original manuals from Pontiac in glove box. Original 8 track cassette from Pontiac in center console. Steel wheels with chrome rings, Uniroyal steel belted tires GR70-15. The interior is perfect except for the headliner is hanging down slightly by the rear window the exterior paint looks o.k. Body is 100% straight, no rust, no scratches, no dents. There are no decals on the car, they are in boxes in the trunk with GM part numbers. So it looks like the car has been painted unless you could order from the factory w/o decals. I am not familiar with Pontiacs so I am looking for some assistance. There two sets of Koni shocks (new) in the trunk.  VIN# 2V87X4N163478. There is also a plate in the engine bay driver's side, if that helps with trying to figure anything else out with the car. I can provide, so let me know. The car is being detailed over the next few days and I should have pictures by the weekend. I bought a car collection and I have the cars being stored in a heated warehouse located in Michigan.  Any help/ direction would be appreciated. Before I list this car for sale I need to have a good idea of what I have and value .

Thank you


This is always a hard question to answer.  I always tell people that a car is worht whatever someone wants to pay for it... nothing more... nothing less.  There are so many things that come into play with timing being one of them.  Of course if you try to sell the car now (this time of year) it will be hard because of the Holidays.  Your best bet is to wait until Spring time when the values of the car will be higher.  As far as the car it self.... the VIN number checks out that it is a 1974 Trans Am with the 455.  As far as it being and SD car, you would have to look at the engine code to see if it truely is and SD car.  The engine code should be a Y8 if it is an SD 455.  As far as the 114 miles on the odometer..... is it really 114 original miles on the car, or is it 100,114 on it.  Without seeing the car it is hard to say, but just from your description of the car being repainted, it is hard to believe that a 114 original mile car would need a repaint.  You could order a Trans Am from the factory without the hood bird, but the rest of the decals should have been there.  What are the numbers on the cowl plate in the engine bay?  Do they match what is on the car?  You should see an 811, and maybe a 26L 26U or 29L 29U as some of the numbers.  Is there any way to verify the actuall miles on the car?  The photos will also help somewhat in determining that as well.
Anyway, as far as the alue goes, there have been other cars for sale in the past that were 1974 455 SD cars that have reached close to the $50,000 mark that have been all original and low miles.  Some have sold for less, and some have sold for more.  It all depends on options and documentation with the car and the timing in selling it.  But like I said before, it is only worth what the next guy is willing to pay for it.  If you can, I would wait until late March to try and list and sell the car because you will have a better chance of getting a higher price for the car at that point in time.  Post up some photos when you get a chance and also the numbers from the cowl plate and we can go from there.
Brett Campbell
1978 Trans Am, 1989 Trans Am, 1998 Trans Am


Thank you.

The car has now been detailed. Numbers on the build plate drivers side engine compartment Read:
ST 74  2FS87  N  239693 BDY
TR 581A51  29 29 PAINT
06D  WS4  BUE

The engine badge on valve cover does read SD455.  All original paper stickers (with GM part numbers are on drivers side cylinder head, another GM sticker on backside of air cleaner). As far as the miles, I bought a car collection and most of the cars are all checking out to be all original all with super low miles. At first when I saw the car I thought the paint didnt look to great therefore I thought it was repainted, however I am used to seeing newer cars with better factory paint process. The car has been detailed and looks great as does the paint. I was told that the Koni shocks in the trunk were adealer installed option (along with all the GM decals). I had a certified appraiser inspect all of the vehicles and the car has only 114 miles. There is some slight surface rust underside of vehicle due to being stored I would assume for a period of time in a building that was not heated as ours is other than that its perfect body in /out. I will be taking photos sometime this week when the weather allows us to push it outside.
I also have a 79 TA gold on gold 4 speed, 4 wheel disc, T-Tops with 419 miles. I should have all the numbers for the 79 by the weeks end. Pics and additional info upon request.


Great news ... Car has been sold, the collector that bought the car could not believe his eys   :o :o :o
Now I have to focus on selling our 79 TA gold/gold 4 speed 4 wheel disc TTop car with 419 miles  8) 8) 8)
Thanks for your input

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