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first car wash of the year.

Started by 4SPEED, March 16, 2010, 05:49:46 AM

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I couldn't stand looking at the dust on it any more.  next year she's getting a cover. 
I didnt think it would get that much dust on it in 5 months. 
she's happy and clean now. 


with what brand soap did you wash it ?

spring is here so wait i can wash corsa.shes DIRTYYYYYYYYYY
inside out
last i bought is chemical guys theres dod meqaires
german american brand
fire nozle to put on the hoze
just wait a little longer weather be much better


Looks great, man!  There are definite perks to living in North Carolina.  I've not had to put Emma in deep storage, and was able to really take her out and run her a few times.  Just waiting on the transmission swap now, and we'll be in business all summer with luck! 

Looks just beautiful!  Congrats!
1988 Flame Red GTA, 305 TPI--Bone stock heart, Flowmaster exhaust, Wonderbar coming soon!
1995 Medium Teal Blue Metallic V6 Firebird

Stock(ish) 1983 Black and Gold T/A, Edelbrock 600 Carb, Performer 2101 Intake-SOLD


You have an awesome TA!  Very gorgeous and you did a great job washing it too!!!

TA Lover,
Kelly Powell


i order from chemical guys first ben to high presure try clean most dirt from the winter

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