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79 BAndit Restoration

Started by JT1979bandit, September 13, 2006, 09:41:28 PM

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1. Wondering what to do to the underbody after media blasting? Just paint it or Line-X  or Rhyno-lining etc....???

2. The windshield moldings on a 79 Bandit...were they painted or powder coat? Also, were they a flat black or gloss blakc same as body??

Todd Stahr

After media blasting, you could rhyno line it, but any future repair will be more expensive because you would have to remove all that stuff in that area. The ones I have stripped get primed and painted just like the rest of the car, just not with body work to smooth it all out. A coating to prevent rock chips would be a good idea too. You just dont want to leave it bare metal, you will be replacing everything again soon if you do that.

The window trim on my 79 Formula was painted black, its still stainless under the paint. Most of it is chipped and flaking off now, if i were restoring it I would powder coat the trim.

Performance and general repair tech. Traditional Pontiac V8 is my specialty, as well as automatic transmission repair/diagonossis. 2nd gen speciality, and with the addition of the 98 Formula 4th gen LS1 I am getting to know them real well. Holley and Qjet advice as well.

Chalk mark restoration and date codes arent my thing. W.O.T. is my thing..

Is it strange to have 9 firebirds?


Yes, the window trim was painted like a semi-gloss black.... kinda like "Trim Black"
Brett Campbell
1978 Trans Am, 1989 Trans Am, 1998 Trans Am

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