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1976 TA

Started by 3J, December 27, 2006, 04:02:13 AM

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Hi, I have a 1976 Trans Am Fire Bird. I have done some reading about the car. It's a limited edt. Hurst, T-Roof, 455 4-speed car, It has all the options on it and from what I have read, 1 of 110 ever made or so. I'm not sure exactly on the number. The car is all original, black with the gold detailing, even still have the 8-trach player. I have done some research trying to find the value of the car, I was wondering if anybody in the club had seen one before or knew of any type of value. I have looked all over the internet for this car, and have never seen one that is the same. So If anyone would be able to let me know that is great. If you could email me at or post something on the message board, thank you for any help




Yes, that is a pretty rare and limited edition Trans Am you have there.  It is har to tell the value of the car without seeing it, but I can tell you this..... If the car was all original and in mint shape with low mileage and owners, then I would put the value somewhere around the $high $50,000 mark close to $60,000.  If the car has been restored to show room condition, then I would value the car somewhere right around the $50,000 mark.  That price is if everything has been restored including an engine build, tranny build, etc.  So, if the car has been totally restored to new condition or better than new, then the $50,000 would be a fair estimate.  Now prices are always so up and down on these cars so these are just rough estimates.  I could be wrong.  What is the condition of the car?  Do you have any photos of the car?
Brett Campbell
1978 Trans Am, 1989 Trans Am, 1998 Trans Am


I'm looking for mine, it was nt the limited one you have but was black on black 455-4 speed with gold emblems. It had roll up windows, 8 track and Air, don't have the Vin but was bought by dad new for my 16 birthday. Would have been titled out of Mo. Originally


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