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questions about the '72-73 Firebirds

Started by MGR52, May 02, 2010, 07:22:58 PM

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Was it just the formula that had the twin air scoops? I am having a hard time figuring what which ones had the twin air scoops from 72-73.

Additionally, I really think I want my next one to be a 73. What kind of price range should I expect for a '73 in pretty decent shape (by pretty decent, I mean in working condition that may need a little work)? Or any advice/comments you may have


are you talking about the fibber glass formula hood.  I think that hood will fit up to 1974
a deceit driver with no matching #'s  8 to 12k   matching #'s 12 and up . 


yes, I believe this is the fiberglass formula hood


yepp thats it .  man the pic just screams muscle   :o


It really does. I used to love the look of the hood scoop with the screaming chicken but how can you not love this?

Where can I find out more about these hoods? I have never seen one in person.


update/  70-76 is the fit.

well the early hoods worked, they let air in to the air cleaner. like the early shakers did. 
the air cleaner was like this   the hood shut over the holes.


fireberglass is lighter maby your bit faster nice shooot


Even though I own a Trans Am the formula hood is the Best looking Hood

Rick H

Rick Holloway
1971 TransAm
Charter Oak Firebird Club Member

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