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interpretation of numbers under hood

Started by 92Formula, May 21, 2010, 12:54:54 AM

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 Under the hood of my 92 5.7 Formula there is a Number plate with the numbers 00 0164 with a line under the first 2 0's what does this mean? Someone please share some knowledge with me I haven't had  any luck finding info on my car yet.


the sticker on the inside of the console is all you need to decode your car.   the stickers on the body panels are vin #'s   
post a link to some pics and I'll try to help you out.  photo bucket is a good place to save pics.




I use photo bucket

save your pics there.  when done copy and past the IMG code here in the post reply box.  it will look like this [ IMG ] 


You can easily post photos by using the additional options when you post a new topic.

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 I recieved my dealer invoice from when I bought car, I am going to list all codes I am trying to find out if i have a 1LE ot how many Formulas were made like mine and I already know 1,017 Formulas in 92 but mine is 5.7 with t-tops. Here are codes B2L,C49, D42, G80, L98, MX0, R6A, R6P,U75,V1B,W66,1SC, and 1SZ


I sent this link to another member;u=856

you can PM her to if you want.  I'm more of a 2nd gen guy.  she knows more about 3rd and 4th gen cars.


I honestly can't help you with this one.  The SPID sheet plus this tag apparently replaced the cowl tag on the Third Gen cars.  I'm not sure what the numbers mean as far as the cowl tag on these, but my GTA has the same style of tag.  Let me decode your SPID numbers that you posted up and get back to you.  Right now, I'm CONSUMED with planning Firebird Fest!
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