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1996 Firdbird v6

Started by dbirdb, September 05, 2010, 06:49:39 PM

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Hey everyone,

First time posting on the boards but I've been browsing here for a few weeks.

Anyway, after doing some research, I decided to purchase my first car, a 1996 Firebird. Part of it was out of necessity, I'm a graduate student and need some transportation for my intership, work, and class, and I also noticed Firebird owners are pretty happy with their cars. Additionally, it was one of the cars available in my price range at my friends, friends, used car lot.

It runs strong but I have a few issues with it, as expected with a 14 year old bird

1. After driving it home, the car began to overheat in normal driving. The heat was alternating between blowing car temperature and hot every 20 seconds or so (hot heat would only last a few seconds)

The solution? I took it back to the dealer and they took it next door to a repair shop, apparently it was low on coolant and now the heat blows hot and the car is not overheating.

My concern with this however was when checking the overflow, it was a bit gunky. It was recommended by the shop I get an "aggressive radiator" flush but they said they don't have the means to do it (isn't it just a hose and some coolant?) The overflow concerned me as I know it is a tell-tale sign of a busted head-gasket, but I was told this is not the case.

2. My SES light is on steady and has been. I thought it was linked to the car overheating (still may be). I took it to AutoZone and they couldn't run a diagnostic as the car wouldn't turn the hand-help computer on (the guy said something about a cars fuse). He suggested taking it to a mechanic as they have better means of trouble shooting the SES.

3. As I returned from AutoZone, I noticed the car seemed to be leaking oil. I took a picture of the component but am unable to identify it, it's located right above the oil filter, it's the 'ribbed' type hose, almost exactly center in the photo

I'm by no means a mechanic but would appreciate any recommendations on what component that is leaking oil, the potential cause of my SES light, as well as opinions on the dealership shop next doors advice on an aggressive radiator flush.

Thank you!


decided since you all are taking time to read this and offer advice, i'd give you a better idea of the leak origin.

i'm 99% sure it's oil leaking, and its coming from where that component appears to "plug in"

car has 95,00 miles

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