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Best shocks and pillar emblems for a 1978 TA WS6



I just bought my 1st Trans Am, a 1978 with w72 engine and ws6 handling package. ;D  I have two things I would love to get some advice on:
1. The car needs shocks and I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a shock absorber that will compliment ws6 suspension.
2. The car seems to have all of the correct trim for a non SE, accept it is missing the firebird emblems on the rear pillars, which I have ordered. What is the proper placement for the emblems? I have been looking at pictures of other cars on the web and the height the embelem gets placed at, seems to vary.

Thank You!!  Its great to see all the enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge for these cars!

There are so many different kinds of shocks out there that the choice seem to be limitless.  Too many manufacturers and too many choices I can understand why the choice would be tough.  Alot of it comes down to a personal preference as far as what brand name that you want to use.  There are so many out there that I don't even like to suggest names and brands.  As far as the sail panel emblem goes, here is a section on my website that has all of the decal and emblem placements:

Wow. Thank You. Your web site rocks.

Now, I have another question. (give an inch) I used your vin, engine and body tag documentation to find some slightly depressing news.  I looked at my block # and found it to be the standard 180hp. This is contrary to what the previous owner and the pretty TA sticker on the shaker had me believe.  I will be measuring the sway bar diameter and inspecting bushings this weekend to see if it is A true WS6. It has the wider wheels.

Also, when I was looking at the Cowl Plate Data, the numbers worked with no big surprise until I got to the 3rd row. What should be the 2nd and 3rd group of 3 digit of numbers on my car, are dashed  - - out.  these are" A31 - Power Windows and WS4 - Trans Am" using your example from the web page.  My car does not have power windows so that may explain the first "-" the 2nd dash concerns me a little. The car was built in Van Nuys, CA if that matters.  I am guessing that is normal?  Given the fruad arounf the engine, I am now a little paranoid this car could be a firebird in TA clothes. 

Any thoughts about the 3rd row in the body tag or any other things I should look for to confirm I have (or have not) a real TA WS6?

Thank You!!

Can you email me a photo of your cowl tag?  Also, what were the two letters for your engine code?  Don't start getting all worried yet, Pontiac was not the most dependable car makers out there especially in 1978.  They were kinda lazy when it came down to putting numbers on the cowl tag.  Have you tried to look for the build sheet or ordered papers from Pontiac Historical Services?

For a 1978 WS6, you can just look at the tag on the drivers door for the tire size. If it says 22570R-15, its a ws6. Onyl WS6's got the metric tires that year.

To see if you have a W72, look at the codes on the block. Read this:
and compare.


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