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Reprograming PCM For 1994 Firebird

Started by XxTucka99xX, March 02, 2007, 12:19:03 PM

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I need to reprogram my pcm for my firebrid..... Im racing a 3.4L on a 1/3 mile oval. I need to get rid of the Anti Theft system, Up my RPM's and Air and fule Mixture by 4 degrees... If any one can help please contact me @

Thanks Tucker Miller


Send me the ECU code and VIN
We have a guy that does a bit of custom programming and he might be able to handle this although I'm not sure without seeing the ECU code whether this one is flashable.  We can get you a replacement chip that will help performance a bit, but it won't do anything for the anti-theft system and it is pre-packaged program intended for the street so not the best approach to racing.

Best result would be if this is flashable and if not replacing the ECU with an aftermarket race set up.

But lets start with the ECU code and VIN - see if it's flashable.

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