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Paint Bubbles

Started by Angrybird2002, May 15, 2015, 10:32:58 AM

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So I'm sure those of you with a "newer" model know of this issue, but thought I would throw it out there as I am a new owner.  I have a 2002 FB T/A WS6 T-Top.  Recently had it in the body shop for some "beautification" (aka small dent removal, buffing and bubble repair on b-pillar).  The main thing being fixed was the bubbling on my b-pillar.  Shop sanded it all down and put new adhesive down repainted and buffed her out. She looked fantastic....until about 2 weeks later when she started to bubble again......come to find out this was a problem and a bulletin went out by GM in the late 1990's.  Something with the adhesive they changed to to make it more "environmentally friendly" starting around 1999.  Seems the only way to fix it is to completely remove the piece and get a new one for around $700 or find someone parting out their car (1993 - 1998).  I'm currently looking at doing the latter and the shop will replace it at no add'l charge.  Talk about a PIA!  Oh well, I love my car  :-*

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