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94 Trans Am - ABS Inop, parking brake light always on- and Now no cruise control

Started by shannacariglio, March 14, 2016, 09:00:33 PM

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Just found out I have no use of the back brakes, brought it to a shop they said I needed abs module assembly. They found 4 different salvaged ones. None of them worked.  I did some research and found it could be 3rd brake light. They checked and nope...Then I told them check wheel sensors, and they found none of them are registering. Before I brought it into the shop I had cruise control, now I don't. They have had it for a week and this is the 3rd place that has had no success.  Im so done with the whole ABS system.  Are there any alternative options out there???Located in the South SF Bay of California.

Thank you,



Well I guess the trick was on me...apparently the repair shop did not brake the cruise control they just disabled it.  I joined the wonderful site AUTOMOTIX.NET and was able to view most of the technical info regarding the abs problems.  I was able to confront the mechanics about the scan codes that they retrieved and was able to ask them technical questions regarding troubleshooting.  Apparently they did not like that very much and they did not like to follow the code sequences.  They brought in 2 more abs module assemblys and ended up returning it to me with a list of the codes.  I wanted them to run the Mode F0-F4 list tests and asked them to plug back into recall the history and write them in order.  BIG MISTAKE apparently.  They erased the entire history and I am now left with 2 current codes.14-relay contact circuit open and 86 abs active warning lamp.

Luckily I was able to get the rough drafts of the original history codes---14,16,21,22,86,95,96, 843 this last code reflects the alignment and rack n pinion they put on. Thank goodness I have a wonderful mechanic close who is great but charges more than the dealer...stay tuned for the result update.

I looked up all the codes and have determined my wheel sensors do not work, my back brakes do not work, EBCM needs to be addressed and I probably need a new motor pack assembly...I AM SO OVER THIS....My poor beautiful car!!! I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF ANY OF YOU AWESOME CLUBMEMBERS KNOW OF ANYONE ANYWHERE THAT HAS PUT A CUSTOM DESIGNED BRAKING SYSTEM WITHOUT ABS IN THEIR FIREBIRDS/TRANS AMS OR ANY OTHER COMPATABLE MODELS.  PERHAPS AIR BRAKES OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES :)


I would suggest posting on our Facebook group page as there is more activity there.  Times have changed and the membership seems to be using Facebook more that club message boards.  The Facebook site is at

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A few months have gone by and I previously promised an update to my ABS problems.  I am proud to say after a few days in the shop and all codes checked and rechecked.  It was in fact ONLY the ABS module. This is a common problem for the 4th gen. If this should happen to you, I highly recommend purchasing a refurbished ABS module with a guarantee attached. Parts and labor a bit high but $1300.00 later I have no codes and amazing brakes.  The Module will run about $550 to $625, the rest labor. My mechanic is high but stands behind the work and gives me piece of mind.  Thanks for reading and being such an amazing organization.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the EAGLE. Thanks for all the support and attention.

Shanna Cariglio and ABY 94 TransAm 96,000 miles LT1
San Martin, CA 

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