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Author Topic: Help in Chicago, anyone  (Read 3529 times)

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Help in Chicago, anyone
« on: March 21, 2007, 11:12:04 AM »
Dream has always to own a '71-'72 Trans am. Question one: How far will 30g get me? Should I use it to buy an original TA or a Firebird and convert it? I have a guy that I can get period authentic crate motors and trannys from. I'm a weekend mechanic, know my way around but could not tackle project like this alone. Anyone in Chicago here that does good restoration work at reasonable prices, especially one that specializes in Pontiacs? Google has been unsuccessful at directing me. Thanks!
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Re: Help in Chicago, anyone
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2007, 06:53:21 PM »
Make The Dream Come True a 71 72 Trans AM
As far as decisions are concerned it is entirely up to you // only you can decide whether you want to spend your money on a muscle car restoration project, or you are looking for a turn-key muscle car it is entirely up to you.
As far as the cold hard cash is concerned; 30gs will certainly get ears wiggling in your direction as far as a purchase of a 71 or 72 Trans AM is concerned.
There is a web site I can give you of a collector car dealer in Joliet Illinois however he does not specialize in Trans AMs he specializes in the other guys cars and not Pontiacs but he does sell various types of collector cars from time to time, and I have seen various vintage T/As for sale on his lot from time to time  he had a 81 T/A for $12,475   78 T/As for right around $15,980 and I seen a 69 Firebird for right around $49,600.
I personally stopped by his place, to look at some T/As he had at that time for a little wishful future prospecting just in case I decided to let the mouths fly out of the wallet / and I asked him what cars are under 15gs he took a little look around his Lot an said to me none of them Ha. Ha. Ha.     
{ }
I know it is a long shot but if you check his web site form time to time who knows you may get lucky; and if you do // And if you live in the Chicago Area or the suburbs the drive is not too far.
You mite want to try your local Liberty also; for collector car magazines to further your hunt!

    Hope This Can Be Of Some Help. :)
                                                            Justin K.
I am a NFTAC, Member and I was at one time an auto mechanic working for a local GM dealer here in my home town back in the mid-to late '80's now  I currently enjoy working on my own Pontiac's especially on my '85 T/A // making maintenance repairs, repairs, modifications and performance modifications I also enjoy meeting and /or talking to other Firebird & T/A owners an get into technical debates;hopefully just as long as the debate's doesn't go into a to heated argument.

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Re: Help in Chicago, anyone
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2007, 06:53:21 PM »


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