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99 Firehawk original ride height?


I am replacing shocks/struts and am trying to figure out the original ride height. I have ordered the "optional" level II replacement springs from SLP. They were not much help on what "optional" meant but those were the only ones they had. No info either on how those springs affect the ride height compared to factory non SLP firebirds. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am wanting to take a little trip on Thanksgiving with the Bird and would like to get all this taken care of. I am currently banging some worn out bump stops and it is super annoying.

Also; loaded question, Is there any even partial agreement on a good choice of brand for the shocks/struts. I am mostly just a pleasure cruiser so don't need anything radical.

Thanks in advance

Check out UM I Performance. I've purchased their products since they hit the market. They have a great product line and the quality is outstanding. I just ordered new bump stops, 3 point sub-frame connectors and the Koni shocks/struts package from them for my 94 25th Anniversary Trans Am GT. I also have upgraded my 99 T/A's suspension with their product line and couldn't be happier. I used the KYB AGX adjustable shocks for the '99.
Thomas Casillo


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