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Starter Questions

Started by november2019, November 04, 2019, 06:06:59 PM

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My starter on my '90 Trans Am was going bad. I had to tap on it to get it to start. So I bought a new one and put it in, turned the key and nothing happened. It's like we never even changed it. So we took it out, bench tested it and found out the starter is good.
We put it back in and still nothing. Then we wanted to test it the same way we did while it was out of the car when it was in the car and it didn't work.

How come the starter works out of the car and not when it's in the car?

Kaeden Dre Stewart


Check starter fuse and ignition fuse. If it works outside the car it's because there's direct power. Rather when it's in the car there's a bunch of variables that send signals or ground out or give power gotta weed out the possibilities.

It also could be your ignition switch. Run a test light to the solenoid wire and have someone turn the key to if it is sending voltage.

Stephen Searle
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