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1978 Macho Trans Am

Started by Ralegre65, December 21, 2020, 03:52:16 PM

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Hello Everyone. I just purchased by second trans am and had some questions about identifying some aspects of it. The one I bought was a macho trans am 1978 identified as #3. It appears to be the same one that was used in hot rod magazine for the same year. I cannot find any records of the modifications that were performed on these cars. It appears each was a one off production by Mecham Pontiac in Arizona. Does anyone know if resources to find documents of what modifications were preformed? It appears someone took the fender flares off and I was hoping to find a reproduction. Does anyone know of someone who makes them?


Try John D. Lorean at secondgengraveyard or John Kraft. Unfortunately I do not know much about them.

This might help a little

Nick DeLuisa


Sounds like you got a rare bird according to my book...
Marla Brelje


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