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Fuel Pump Replacement

Started by november2021, November 15, 2021, 12:24:08 PM

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In search of some help please. I put a brand new fuel pump in a 1980 Trans Am. While there seems to be good pressure it simply will not draw fuel. I did put a couple gallons in the empty tank and still nothing. The car has been sitting since 1999 until I purchased it. I am now trying to get it to run. Any ideas?

If you put fuel down the carb fires right up but it simply will not draw any fuel.
Jason Pittman


Unhook the fuel line going into the fuel pump then blow compressed air into the fuel tank by removing gas cap and use a rag be careful not to blow to much psi until the line blows clean.

Also you may want to replace the fuel line and make sure there are no obstructions in the tank. Then try hook up lines to a gas can and see if  it works. If it does, blockage is between the tank and pump.

Mechanical fuel pumps use a lever that rides on the camshaft to pump a rubber diaphragm inside the pump up and down. This creates suction that pulls fuel into the pump, and then pushes it along. A pair of one-way valves inside the pump only allow the gas to move in one direction (toward the engine).

William Echols
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