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New artwork for consideration

Started by november2021, November 17, 2021, 03:05:23 PM

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To my fellow Firebird enthusiasts. I am asking for your help. I am not selling anything, but with any luck, and with your help, I just may be able to offer my designs to enthusiasts like you very soon.

Please be aware that I am not a business man, but a retired gentleman who has a few hobbies and enjoys keeping busy with various things such as digital art. I have owned a 1969 Firebird 400 convertible for many years, having raced it as well, and simply love Firebirds and Trans-Ams. Prior to my 69 I had a 76 455 TA 4-speed. So, I am a 1st & 2nd Gen lover.

I am posting several images of my design art to help give me an idea of what the interest level might be, before I pursue any attempts at selling. These are just a sample of some color variations but I have many more color variations created. Please provide positive and negative feedback. Please be kind.

The intent for my art is for framed prints ONLY. They will be printed on high quality vinyl at a high DPI. If I were to sell these, I would offer them in 8" x 10" and 16" x 20" sizes. I would not offer them framed because such inexpensive acrylic frames are widely available in various stores.
They are NOT intended to be stuck onto a Pontiac. I respect the classic Trans Am eagle and would not dare try to say these are a substitute. I simply got bored seeing the same images and art for sale over the years and decided to come up with my own. I am hoping that many of you will find these interesting enough to let me know if they were made available for sale somewhere that you may be interested.

I have already posted to many Facebook Firebird groups and have had some interest. If you have already seen these please excuse the redundancy.

Please be aware that these designs are copyrighted.

I thank you for your time and hope I have not offended anyone in posting this.


You did not provide any way for people to contact you if they are interested.  You should at least use your email address and name and maybe a phone number.  Every club member may use the november2021 id and is not unique to you whoever you are.  You can also request thru the club member login section of the main website you own unique id and password.

National Firebird and Trans Am Club
National Firebird and Trans Am Club
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