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Monsoon radio

Started by stanfil2, August 22, 2007, 06:18:49 PM

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The red LCD display only shows part of the characters.  I don't have the code since it is a used car.  Original window sticker shows it to have the 10 speaker upgraded system.  CD player won't work on any disk, give an error.  has the power antenna and steering wheel controls.

Would I be better off to replace it with aftermarket unit?  Any idea on what I might run into if I did?  It has that theftlock thing happening. . . .


you can get an after market unit and the right wiring harness to just plug and play, you will however, lose the steering wheel controls....sounds like your factory one took a seems to happen alot....
99 TA
01 TA WS6 vert


 :-\  Thanks.  I can live without the steering wheel controls.  It just sounds like so much of the computer system runs through the radio.  Anyone got a clue on a good replacement that won't break the bank?


yeah mine messed up soon after i bought it they told me it was the laser reader and it would cost 90 bucks to fix it so i just went out and bought a new cd player instead....there is a component that you can connect that will allow you to still use the steering wheel buttons on any cdplayer tho

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