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Daytime Running Lights

Started by Buc92, August 22, 2007, 10:09:11 PM

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I recently purchased two new bulb sockets for my DRL's on my '01 TA.  I drove it around the block and noticed my fuel gauge had a false reading-empty.  Shortly after washing my car, it would not start.  It had power for the radio and all lights worked fine.  There was no clicking sound at all.  I am not sure if I fried a fuse or what.  Can anyone tell me what might be wrong or what I need to look for?   


as strange as it may sound....check your PCM for water leakage....I swapped my PCM for another unit for tuning purposes and it was missing a screw this allowed water into the PCM when it rained or when I washed the car....the PCM is on the passengers side of the engine bay just under the windshield....take it out, take the 4 torx screws out and remove the'll see any water accumulation.....dry it out with a hair dryer and reseal the PCM's o-ring....I used dielectric grease. the same stuff used on spark plug boots....keeps the water out and won't hurt the electronics....
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