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79 T/A Wiring issues

Started by mFox, November 05, 2007, 04:46:23 PM

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Hi everyone.  need some help with wiring.

Project is a 79 trans am, originally a 403 but it had a 350 Chevy in it
when I got it.

I took that out and installed a "74 / 455 pontiac engine.

I also replaced the engine harness because the old
one was hacked up. At the same time I had new floor pans put in and
the inside metal portion of the dash repaired.
(removed entire dash and windshield). I am getting ready to reassemble the dash and its components. I was looking to run a constant hot to the new radio I am installing but there is no power in the dash wiring harness at all. We are about to test fire the engine but with out power to the dash it won't crank.

Is there something I could have disconnected inside the car that would stop power to the dash?
Is the purple wire on the starter correct on the terminal markes "s"?
Is the neutral safety switch in the trans ?

The engine cranked when we put a direct positive wire on the starter "S" terminal.

Thanks for any help you can offer.



hey man im writing you cuz i have a 79 trans am also and the previous owner had partially installed a painless wiring kit. I am left with the factory instrument pannel to be wired to the painless kit and i was wondering if you had rewired your instrument pannel. this instrument pannel is the only thing keeping me from getting this car on the road. i would appreciate any advice or help with this.

thank you


Hey Clayton. I did not even start with dash install yet.  All the trouble I had was due to a bad wire in the brand new harness I put in the engine compartment.  I actually had to hire a mechanic to figure it out. took him about 3 hours to figure out the problem. quick fix and it provided all power to the dash that I needed.  I looked at replacing the dash wiring but that wiring is still in good shape.

Good luck.

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