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correct torque arm

Started by ldsAndrew, November 12, 2007, 08:48:56 AM

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My 1982 T/A had a THM200C. These are weak and it died so I have replaced it with a THM700 R4. I have limited tools so to save time taking out the old trans I cut the torque arm. I was assuming that it would be the wrong part for the (inches longer) THM700. Now I need to find the right torque arm. Does anybody have one or know where I might find one?


My 1984 WS6 has a torque arm and it is equiped with a 700r4  so my guess is to find a trans am or firebird that has a 700R4 and get the torque arm out of it  or you can buy a new 1 from Edelbrock


Any 1984-92 torque arm should fit the car.  Although I don't really understand why you cut could have removed it with just a few bolts??
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