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1979 Trans Am Help

Started by skot24, January 30, 2008, 02:02:12 PM

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Hi there, i have recently got a 1979 trans am which seems to be in really good condition. It has the 403 engine in it. I am going to go through it etc and get it cleaned up. Just wondering if anyone has a concept of the values etc on these and if changing the color from White to Black (my dream) would change the value. Scott
1979 Trans Am


79 Trans Am's vary in value .. just wait 10 yrs and watch the values on these things go crazy
but ive seen 79's go from 5,000 in good condition to 45,000 to great condition ..... point is if you plan on keeping the car do what you want with it , If its merely an investment leave it stock
1968 Firebird-4.1
1979 Trans Am 403 olds
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I have always said "It is YOUR car, do with it what YOU want to do with it."  The 1979 Olds 403 Trans Am was the most common for 1979.  So the values yes will go up on these cars, but the ones that go for the bigger bucks will be cars like the 10th Anniversaries and the Special Edition Trans Ams.  It all comes down to production numbers.... the fewer cars they made, the more the value is.  Now, I am not saying that your car is not worth anything, I am just saying that it is YOUR car paid for with YOUR money, so don't let anyone else tell you waht to do to the car.  Just a suggestion, if you do make changes, just save the original parts so that if you ever do want to put it back to stock, you have the original parts to do so.
Brett Campbell
1978 Trans Am, 1989 Trans Am, 1998 Trans Am

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