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'88 Digital Odometer problem

Started by Phildoh, June 12, 2008, 10:23:44 AM

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My 1988 T/A has the digital dash with a central information center (no idea what else to call it) with the odometer, trip, avg speed, and also the control to switch from MPH to KM/H.  I think it over heats because after a few miles it goes out and not only shows no information but the button to switch my speedometer to KM/H doesn't work either (so I don't think it's just a screen issue) and then after I shut off the engine and let it sit and start it back up the LCD screen with the miles comes back on and all the buttons work.  Is there something I can do, is there a cooling fan for this piece, is it a single assembly that needs to be replaced?  I stopped at my local dealer and the parts guy couldn't even find a blow up with this digital dash so I'm stuck in terms of what I may be getting into.

If anyone knows either the problem, or how to go about replacing this, please let me know.  Also feel free to email me at if that works better.


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