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Radio, heater a/c and fuel gage problems

Started by august2008, July 24, 2008, 10:53:21 AM

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I have a 1986 T/A and do I have problems. The radio sometimes works, the fan motor does not come on, sometimes a buzzer goes off, and the fuel gage does not work. Anyone able to tell me what type of elctrical problems and fix for these conditions. Email or call 615-477-1073.


Nashville Tn


Well, it sounds like you have a miriad of different problems going on there.  The radio could be a loose connection at the back.  Sometimes the plugs come loose or are pinched in the back.  You can easily pull the radio out and check the connections.  The fan motor could be a bad motor itself or even one of the relays have gone bad.  The fuel gauge is more commonly a bad ground.  The grounds get corroded over time.  Check the ground wire, remove it and clean it up.  Those are usually the typical problems that happen and the first places to check.  If those are not the problems, then you have to do some further inspecting from there.
Brett Campbell
1978 Trans Am, 1989 Trans Am, 1998 Trans Am

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