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Hey, I have stock leaf springs on my 78 TA and I need 4 or 5 inches of lift in the rear because the ladder bars are too low. Do any of u guys know what kind of spacers I can get to achieve this kind of lift in the back. I called people at Summit Racing and Jegs numerous times but the people working there dont know ANYTHING. One third of them will admit they dont know, one third act like they know but I can really tell they dont, and the last third of people there keep giving me inconsistent I'm out of luck at this point.

Todd Stahr:
What kinda ETs and HP are you running? Even a low 10 second 2nd gen shouldnt need ladder bars. If it does then it has other issues and the ladder bars are a bandaid covering up something more serious.

You really dont want to lift the rear end, that will make it tougher to transfer the mass rearward on launch.  Ladder bars arent really a road race item, so I am assuming its a drag type ride.

I have seen some guys cut slots in the floorpan to get clearance for ladder bars, especially on lower cars.

more info on your car, intended use and the drivetrain would really be beneficial so we can understand what it is you are trying to do. :)

Thanks alot for your reply. Well its a 4 speed. I recently purchased the car and it was set up for the quarter mile. Its got alot of racing equipment including a NOS system. I want it to be a weekend car for me. I originally had about an inch of ground clearance (it wasnt really intended for a street car) so I had stock leaf springs put on. But the ladder bars are still to low to the ground. I cant get spacers for it, airshocks wont work, and shackles wont work wiht my exaust set up. So at this point I'm planning on taking it to a shop that can make me custom springs. I could just take the ladder bars off (I dont really need them), but well....I think they look really sweet on there so I'de rather not.

Todd Stahr:
send me some pics of what is under it.. Possbily we can figure something out.. :)


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