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location of Flasher Unit in '99 Firebird

Started by originalgoth, September 11, 2008, 02:10:55 PM

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Hi All,
I'm new to this site.
We've got a '99 Firebird and I think the indicator flasher unit needs replacing (left front indicator wont work when you use the indicator stalk but when you activate or de-activate the alarm it does light).

My question is where do I find the Flasher Unit? I've had a look under the steering wheel panel & can hear it clicking but just can't see it  >:(

hope someone can help with this simple problem

Thanks in advance


Just to update about this one,
I found the flasher unit & replaced it with a new one, still no left front indicator.....
Had a look at the bulb & found to my total surprise that it's got 2 elements, one for the alarm & one for the indicator, that's what was making me think that the bulb must be OK, the indicator one had blown so I've now changed it & everything's back to the way it should be again  ;D
I didn't know that there are 2 flasher units on Firebirds - one for the Hazards & one for the indicators, is this common on a lot of American cars? (I'm English so I've never come across that before - we just have one flasher unit that does both functions on our cars & likewise I'd never come across the double element indicator bulbs either).

Just goes to prove that we do learn something new every day  ;D ;D ;D


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