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Blown fuses--Help

Started by Ersel, October 13, 2008, 05:37:58 PM

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I just purchased a '74 Bird and the brake lights do not light up.  I noticed the fuse was blown and quicly replaced it.  As soon as I applied the brakes the fuse blew.  How would I go about tackling the short & finding the problem?
Thanks in advance.


it sounds like its a dead ground. check around the tail lights to see if any wires wore out and are touching the body somewhere they shouldnt be....a multi meter will help check to see which wires should be grounded and which ones will help alot to know if the previous owner has done any work to the wiring. if so try and find out whats been done and you should know about where to start.....or even check the tail light bulbs to see if they installed the right bulbs or if theyre bad or if there is something wrong with the bulb sockets such as water, debris etc. that could cause shorting......

i hope i helped


I will check on that in the next two days.  I looked at the fusebox and it looks like someone monkey'd with it, since one of the cooper tabs is missing on the dash lights fuse.  Not sure if the fuse was rerouted but my dash lights do not work either.  Hmmm

Thanks for the feedback

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