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Trans Am Rattles

Started by dbytor, June 07, 2009, 11:57:10 PM

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 I have a 1996 TA that is fun to drive, but rattles alot. I know that the sport suspension is probably the main reason, but it is annoying as hell. I have tightened up the ground effects, thats about it. Any ideas on what is rattling inside and out?? Most sounds seem to from the hatchback.Thanks.


Have you checked the mounting brackets and bolts for your spoiler?  Another possibility is that you need to install subframe connectors.  If you do a lot of high-torque driving or drag-strips, hard starts, and/or burnouts, the car is going to start getting compressed by all that torque.  Then, when you drive normally, the frame relaxes and *poof*, you have rattling.  It's annoying, yes...but the best thing you can do is get some subframe connectors.
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