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Interior Upgrade by Mike M.
this is an excerpt from the articles appearing in the EAGLE


There are several things you can do to upgrade your interior. I got a lot of interior parts from a wrecked Trans Am. Some of the parts I am getting from Ames Performance (their seat covers look great!). The Paddock and other companies have interior parts. I used a spray paint on one of my seats just to test it and it leaves a real vinyl-like finish that is beautiful. It is made by SEM. Most new interior parts come in black.

Formula—andgt; I completely re-did my red interior on my 79 Formula. I replaced the carpet and undercoated the floor with black Rustoleum. Painted all panels, and re-did some broken gauges in the dash. I also did the back deck and headliner (both bought new). I restored the door panels and got all new window cranks and handle covers (the things that go around the handle inside the car), and I also replaced an exterior door handle (what a pain).

Overall, there is nothing hard about it. I did it myself and I am only 18, but the key is patience (which I don’t have). You will get mad if you can’t get a screw off a panel or can’t get something off or on in the car. The absolute hardest thing I did in the whole process was trying to get the driver’s kicker panel off, because it is blocked by the e-brake. To get the top back screw off, it took me an hour. But, it is good seeing my car now (when I do take it out on sunny days) and knowing that I did it all!

Just a little tip, if you do replace the carpet, I don’t know about your car, but whenever someone steps on the carpet near the door when trying to get in the back seat of the car, my carpet (both old and new) always used to slip from under the silver fisher door piece and come un-done. What I did was built up the corners of the back floor near the door, so that the carpet wouldn’t come undone when you stepped in that area.

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