Can BWW Save Pontiac?

Another Saving Pontiac effort involves asking BMW to purchase the Pontiac name. This might not be as popular because it would mean German ownership, but it may be our only chance. Both BMW and Pontiac share the same automotive philosophy of sport and performance.

Pontiacs can be more fuel efficient and more affordable for most Americans. And with so many Pontiacs still on the road, BMW would stand to gain MANY MORE potential customers! Also important is that a dealership network already exists, the plants are still standing, and there’s thousands of workers ready to go! Ask BMW to put them to work! Here is their address:

BMW North America LLC
300 Chestnut Ridge Road
Woodcliff, New Jersey  07677

Customer Relations: 1-800-831-1117

'67 Firebird of Jim Muldoon

The January 2010 Eagle club member magazine’s featured car is the ‘67 Firebird of Jim Muldoon. Here is his story:

Here are some photos of my car. It is a 1967 Firebird convertible with 326 engine. It has a three speed on the tree manual transmission, manual top, no air conditioning and an AM only radio.

I bought the car in February of 1969 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It had 20,342 miles and it now has 92,481 miles on it. It is all original except for new paint and top in 1977 and the spoke wire wheels. I have the original wheels and hub caps.

It is a fun car and now I am in Florida so the top is down all summer.

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'67 Firebird of Jim Muldoon
'67 Firebird of Jim Muldoon